Rotographs is getting out before the Wheels come off

Rotographs: Zack is Wheeling a Couple Concerns by Jeff Zimmerman – Rating 4/5: KEEP IT

Rotographs’ Jeff Zimmerman’s latest article throws some cold water on the Zack Wheeler hype.  In true Rotographs fashion Zimmerman breaks down for his readers why the combination of last year’s poor K/9 and BB/9 ratios along with Wheeler’s end of the year injury concerns should temper your expectations for the young player this year.  Zimmerman also give us a pointer for the off-season, suggesting that we watch the radar gun come preseason and be prepared to pass on Wheeler if he is not in the 94+ mph range.  Yet another high quality article from Zimmerman.  Also, as is often the case on Rotographs, the comments section does a great job of continuing the conversation.

Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll – DraftDay Daily League Linkage

This week I’m searching the web for useful articles to help us fill out our DraftDay lineups.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t as much out there (for free) for DraftDay, especially when compared to FanDuel, DraftKings and DraftStreet.  Hit us up on twitter @FantasyCutList if there are any daily league articles you would like us to look at.

Last week’s sojourn into the world of Fanduel taught me a valuable lesson, don’t get stuck in traffic on the NJ Turnpike for a few hours before kickoff if you have a player who’s gameday status are in doubt.  Needless to say I wasn’t able to swap out Julius Thomas in time to field a competitive team.  Lesson learned.  As always, I’m putting my money where my mouth is entering Josh McCown, CL Spiller, DeMarco Murray, AJ Green, Riley Cooper, Ladarius Green Antonio Brown, Dan Carpenter and the Patriots D.  Wish me luck.

XNSports – Fantasy Football Week 14: DraftDay Value Plays – Rating: 3/5 KEEP IT

By C.D. Carter

DraftDay Blog – DraftDay Fantasy Value Picks: NFL Week 14 – Rating: 3/5 KEEP IT

By JoshShep50

4For4 – Week 14 DraftDay Optimal Plays – Rating: 3/5 KEEP IT (WARNING Costs $$$)

By Jonathan Bales

2 Mugs FF – Week 14 Optimal Fantasy Lineups for DraftStreet, FanDuel, DraftDay, & DraftKings – Rating: 2.5/5 CUT IT

By ryan

DraftDay Blog – NFL Picks to Click: Top Week 14 Picks – Rating: 2/5 CUT IT

By JoshShep50

RotoViz – Week 14 DraftDay Salaries vs. Fantasy Pros Rankings – A Value Exercise – Rating: 1.5/5 CUT IT

By: Coleman Kelly

Fox Sports gives a Halpin hand for your Week 14 lineup decisions.

FANTASY FOOTBALL POSITIONAL MATCHUPS – WEEK 14 — by John Halpin (Fox Sports) — 12/5/13

MY RATING: 3.5 / 5

KEEP it.

Halpin gives us a Start/Sit article by another name here, but I think the analysis he does for each player uses more relevant data than most similar articles.  It’s difficult to argue with the picks he makes too.  I just wish he would use some of that Fox Sports juice to add kickers and defenses.  This is the playoffs now, where those matchup become crucial. Besides, we DFS addicts need them too.  I’ve won/lost money on a kicker or defense call.

Disagree with my rating of the aricle?  Go ahead and rate it yourself above.  


RotoViz throws in the towel on the fantasy football playoffs and lands on the Cut List w/this article.


by Charles Kleinheksel (RotoViz) — 12/6/13

MY RATING: 2.5 / 5


Charles goes through a cool exercise here in looking at what players populate winning fantasy rosters.  It’s interesting, yes, but it doesn’t really help you owners that are in the fantasy playoffs win all that much.  It’s more of something to learn from for future reference.

Disagree with my rating of Charles’ article? Rate it yourself, above.

RotoGraphs gives us the kole picture on a potential sleeper for 2014 fantasy baseball


by Jeff Zimmerman (RotoGraphs) — 12/6/13

MY RATING: 4 / 5


While you may have to dig for them at this point on the calendar, there are some fantasy baseball articles out there with some meat on them. Jeff makes a pretty good case for Calhoun to be a sleeper target in 2014.  Let’s just hope not too many of your competitors read such articles.

Disagree with my rating of Jeff’s article? Rate it yourself, above. 

Christopher Harris of ESPN climbing his way out of the Underground w/this Defensive Matchups article

ANALYZING DEFENSIVE MATCHUPS by Christopher Harris (ESPN) — 12/6/13

MY RATING: 5 / 5


I really enjoy the pocast Harris does with Field Yates called Fantasy Underground, and I loved this article.  He looks at the latest statistical performances and trends in defenses, which enables us to better understand upcoming fantasy playoff matchups than by looking at season-long stats or ranks.  He also studies something I’ve been becoming quite interested in lately, which is the use of the “slot receiver” and what that term even means anymore.  Fantastic article that will help you understand the landscape of football and fantasy football.

Disagree with my rating of Christopher’s article?  Rate it yourself, above.

Who might be on first, but where are all the other MLB players? NumberFire has a MLB Signings Review for us.


by Dan Weigel (NumberFire) — 12/6/13

MY RATING: 3 / 5


We’ve already covered Part One of NumberFire’s MLB National Transaction Day HERE.

Get acquainted with some familiar players but in new team settings with this great-for-December article.

Disagree with my rating of Dan’s article? Rate it yourself, above.


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Tweet(s) of the Day 12/6/13 (Pt 2): The I Didn’t Forget About WR or TE Matchups Edition

Some super sound advice from Sky of Razzball here.  In creating my 1st draft lineups for Daily Leagues last night, I found myself doing just as Sky ended up suggesting today more than in just one lineup.  The main thing I must recommend though is to pay attention to the weather report in Philly and elsewhere.  As of now it looks okay, but there is a chance for some messiness…


It’s getting tougher and tougher to ignore the Jared Cook Week 14 hype machine, but there’s good reason for it. Arizona is the team that Cook exploded against in the beginning of the season for his best stats on the year. Consider that, plus the below information from Ryan Hodge, as well as his price on Daily Fantasy sites, and he is someone you should at least consider….

Tweet(s) of the Day 12/6/13: The RB Matchups for Week 14 Edition

Chet G. of The Fake Football and Rotoworld has a great tweet about the Bears Defense which illustrates why DeMarco Murray could be a huge play this weekend:

After a mid-week surprising health concern, Reggie Bush appears healthy and ready for Week 14. This affects both his and Joique Bell’s value. Keep monitoring it.

Oh Oakland…the game of running back musical chairs due to injury continues for the Raiders:

And finally, for my fellow Daily League-obsessed: